– with annotations for guitarists….

Playing bass with Cabstars at Foxton Locks Festival June 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 12.20.35

Solo at Chinnor Bike Dayz: July 15th 2015

Chinnor 2015 3

I was using my old AC30 (a 1963 Vibra-Trem), for the dry guitar sound. Even miked up , it was lovely and sweet. But despite using in-ear monitoring, the volume level had to be down to a quarter or the J45 started to feed back.   Hot as a hot thing….

with many thanks to ace photographer Gary Smith
with many thanks to ace photographer Gary Smith

Solo at Wittstock 2015: 14 June.
– the original Oxford original music festival.

Tap-dancing with my effects rig: which both proved AND behaved itself! (It all fits into the suitcase poised ready behind for instant flight.) For details please go to: My Electronic Acoustic Rig.

Solo at The Bullingdon, Cowley Road, Oxford, 21 Feb 2015
– supporting rockabilly band Long Insiders and pop-electro dance duo Space Heroes of the People.

Hugh L med singing

Playing a Gibson J-45, with an Axe FX2 on it’s side on the left with MFC101 floor controller. The travelling Fender is hanging on the stand.R mid



Hugh L close

344 masquerading as 345 (+ Bigsby). Not a modification I’d have dared to do myself.


Avocado hard-tail Strat – classic 1972 colour. With Brotherhood of Mack at the James Street Tavern, Cowley Road, OxfordBand

Re-issue LP, through Mesa Boogie Mk2 and EVM12L 2×12 (you can see the metal cones glinting). HM Band, at the Fiddler’s Elbow, Chalk Farm, London. ISOIMAGES_HM_Band_Elbow010

Acoustic gig at Cowley Road’s James Street Tavern – playing my travelling Fender
Hugh at James Street Tavern

Blues at the James Street Tavern
Sparky's jam

Pre-haircut posh rock gig with the BashBand
Hugh BashBand at HAC

More pre-haircut – at the Magdalen Arms
Hugh singing Magdalen Arms

Hugh Magdalen Arms

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