I’ve been performing in acoustic solo mode, but I’ve also been allowing my inner electro-geek a free rein in developing a set incorporating electronica to stir things up a bit.  Detail of the geek-gear experiments are here.  

But it has to be said, that acoustic guitar on its own is the most versatile and satisfying option, and I do enjoy working with a band.  

Most of my songs are currently in the process of writing and revamping before being properly recorded, so I’ve taken most of the demo versions down from SoundCloud – hence the gaps below.  I have however left up a few and there’s no piint having a music website with no music….  

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All songs ©Hugh McManners 2010 – 2015

- painting by Tara Catalano

– painting by Tara Catalano

Yellow Sub bathroom opp vu

All songs ©Hugh McManners 2010 – 2015