The Distillers at Reading 2004

Brody Dalle Reading 2004

An Interview, then:
The Hunger
Beat Your Heart Out
Drain the Blood

The Distillers were in finest form at Reading 2004.
I’ve always thought this gig was fundamentally what all gigs should be; that strange chemical reaction with crowd and performers, aided of course by the engineers, their technology and The Vibe. I was very interested to see that Brody shares the same view of this – from what she said in the interview about the sound as well as the crowd and occasion.
Crowd and performers create The Vibe, but without really good sound guys it’s a subtle flower that can easily be overwhelmed. Musicians have to be able to hear what they’re playing clearly, as we play off what we hear – encouraging ourselves to greater things!!
This is particularly true with singers, as we make each note every time we sing it. You can only judge its musicality in the context of what you can hear – or yourself and the other players.
There are times when I imagine that The Vibe creates itself when you deserve it. I’d like to think that this is when maybe the Universe decides you need a bit of Karmic pay-back – a Cosmic leg-up the quantum ladder perhaps?
We definitely create our own Karma.

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